Plastic coated strands (HDPE)

NEDRI produces various strands with a plastic coating.

The strand can be uncoated or galvanised. An extra layer of wax or grease can be applied.
Also a double HDPE coating can be supplied.

The special Geo-Strand has an alternated, by the client defined, length of wax and no wax.
The excellent properties of our HDPE-strand allow many different applications in the market.
They vary from temporary ground anchors to Stay-cables.


  • 7-wire strand: ø 9.3 – 18.0 mm


  • thermo mechanical treated (stabilized)


  • extra low relaxation


  • HDPE: smooth or following the contour

Coil weight

  • 1,400 - 4,000 kg

Coil dimensions

  • inner diameter: 900 – 1,200 mm
  • outside diameter: 1,170 – 1,650 mm
  • height: 500 – 750 mm