Cold Rolled Profile and Flat Steels in Coils and Rods

General information

Over the last decades the site of Brotterode (Thuringia) located in the heart of Europe has developed to a major producer of the cold rolling industry.
With more than 40 people and on a surface of 40.000 m² the mill produces flat and shaped wires in coils or bars for industrial customers.

Our products are used in various industries such as offshore, construction, electric equipment and automotive.

Presently the mill Brotterode disposes of a quality assurance according to ISO 9001 and disposes of a certified energy management according to ISO 50001.
More over the abdication of a chemical pickling line makes us to an eco-friendly rolling mill.

Thanks to the usage of ultra-modern eddy current testing installations we can satisfy the continuously increasing requirements of the market.


Flat and shaped wire according to customers specifications in coils or in bars


flat, round, half-round
specific shapes on request


sharp-edged, chamfered edges, rounded edges, round edges,
(R=0.5 x thickness) other edges on request


bright, galvanized

Raw material

wire rod with C 0.06 to C 0.78
according to DIN EN
specific grades on request
eddy current testing possible

Tensile strength
280 N/mm² up to 1.800 N/mm²
(depending on the wire rod)


  • width from 8.00 mm to 25.00 mm
  • thickness from 2.00 mm to 8.00 mm
  • tolerances according to EN 10140
  • cross-sectional area from 8 to 120 mm²


  • traverse wound spooled coils
    inside diameter 400 mm, 500mm and 600 mm
    outside diameter 700 mm to 1.200 mm
    width: 150 to 400 mm
    Coil weight 500 – 2,500 kg (traverse wound spooled)
  • Bars in bundles
    500 - 1,000 kg
    Length of 2,000 – 6,000 mm (tolerance on length +50mm /- 0mm)
  • Specific packaging on request

Square wire in coils or in bars
600 – 1,600 N/mm²
4x4 up to 10x10 mm
Lots: 6 tons / dimension