Low Carbon Steel Wire


Machine, plant and steel construction industry, retail store construction, displays, automobiles, furniture industry, household wares, chains, shotblast material, tool carrier, filter industry, fence construction, garden and landscape structuring, connection elements, logistics, building industry, electrical and cable industry, wire bending parts, domestic appliances and catering, animal husbandry, welding technology, lightning protection systems, stone-filled wire cages and the packaging industry


Low carbon steel wire

  • bright finish
  • for chrome-plating surfaces
  • for laminationable surfaces
  • for zinc coating surfaces


Such as: round, square, hexagonal, profiled, flat and Special Profiles

Materials / DIN EN

  • according to DIN EN
  • Special Materials Low Carbon Steel
  • Special Qualities on request

Dimension ranges

  • Wire diameter: 0,50 mm – 15,00 mm
    depending on specification, Surface and Profile
  • different specifications on request

Treatment conditions




bright, bright-wet (white, reddish or coppered), bright-dry, bright-light (bright or reddish), rolled bright, black-, scale-free or bright annealed, etched,
limed, bonded, soft / hard galvanized, thick galvanized, ZnAl coated, electrolytic metallic coating (nickel, zinc, copper), plastic coated

Packaging / Delivery form

Reels, Formers, in parallel or layered / layered coils wire rods, Spools, Tailor-made