• High quality wire

  • Bright steel

  • Construction steel

  • Prestressing steel

  • Low carbon wire / Industrial wire

  • Flat and profile wire

  • Spring steel wire

  • Machining steel wire

  • Cold forming wire

  • Chain steel wire

  • Welding technology

  • Fences & meshes

  • Aluminium wire

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Product ranges of Westfälische Drahtindustrie

Wire and finished products are manufactured by Westfälischen Drahtindustrie at 15 locations in Europe in the following business segments:
high quality wire | Bright steel | Construction steel | High performance wire ropes | Prestressing steel | Welding technology | Overhead power lines | Meshes & fences


Westfälische Drahtindustrie GmbH

WDI's main plant was founded in 1856 at its current location in Hamm. With over 160 years of company history, the family business has been managed by managing partner Katja Pampus since 2009.
WDI produces quality wires at 15 locations and with around 1,300 employees in its main business areas: cold heading, iron and steel wires, bright steel, construction steel and high-performance wire ropes. Other business areas are: overhead power lines for the energy industry, prestressing steel, welding technology and fence meshes.

Our products are found in around 150,000 applications and uses worldwide. The most important sales markets for WDI wire products are mechanical engineering, the construction industry, automotive, overhead power lines for the energy industry, the furniture and tool industry, forestry, shipbuilding and many more.

Today, Westfälische Drahtindustrie GmbH is the largest independent wire producer in Europe.


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