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WDI gewinnt Special Sustainability-Award

Preisübergabe beim Stabilus-Lieferantentreffen

WDI | Werk Hamm

Am 21. November 2023 durften wir beim Lieferantentreffen der Firma Stabilus voller Stolz den Special Sustainability-Award entgegennehmen. Dieser Award zeichnet das WDI Engagement im Bereich Umweltschutz und Nachhaltigkeit aus. Unser Beitrag für eine grünere Zukunft manifestiert sich hierbei in der Lieferung von umweltfreundlicherem, CO2-reduziertem Stahl für die Herstellung von Kolbenstangen bei Stabilus.

Die somit auch nachhaltige Verbesserung des CO2-Footprints im Hause Stabilus ist nicht nur eine Antwort auf die steigenden Anforderungen seitens der Lieferanten, sondern ein Ausdruck unserer Verpflichtung zu umweltbewusster Produktion.

Wir sind stolz darauf, aktiv dazu beizutragen, eine nachhaltigere Welt zu gestalten.

Traffic guidance system goes into operation

New system set up to control lorry traffic.

WDI | Hamm plant

At the beginning of June, a guidance system was installed on the WDI premises in Hamm with the help of static traffic signs.
The plan is to use very clear symbols to make it as easy as possible for non-local visitors, suppliers and logistics companies to find their way to their destination.

When registering, the driver is given a handout/location plan, according to which he only has to follow a symbol, e.g. no. 5 (PC prestressing steel, loading). Direction arrows guide you to your destination. This imagery/symbolism needs no further explanation.

Initial feedback has been consistently positive.

New sprinkler system installed at the Iserlohn site

The pickling plant with its technical facilities and the neighbouring pallet warehouse will be fitted with a new sprinkler system.

WDI | Iserlohn plant

In co-operation with the architectural office Siegfried Fey and the engineering office FMBS-Frank Müting, extensive fire protection measures were carried out at the Iserlohn-Kalthof site. The pickling plant with its technical systems and the neighbouring pallet warehouse will be equipped with a sprinkler system.
For this purpose, a building for the installation of the pump systems, the emergency power supply and other technical systems was constructed at the rear of the site. A tank with a capacity of approx. 900 cubic metres of extinguishing water is located directly next to the pump house.

The extinguishing water tank has a diameter of 10.00 metres and is 11.00 metres high.
Due to the immense weight of the extinguishing water tank and the insufficient load-bearing capacity of the ground, a foundation with ductile driven piles to a depth of approx. 8.00 m below ground level and a 60 cm thick reinforced concrete floor slab on top was necessary.

The sprinkler system and other fire protection measures significantly improve employee safety and operational safety.

The sprinkler system is expected to go into operation in July 2023.

Plant expansion at the Schwerte site

Now that planning permission has been granted, we have finally been able to break ground

WDI | Schwerte plant

Plant Manager Lars Beckmann and Operations Manager Ralf Rauch welcomed Managing Director Katja Pampus and even the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Werner Pampus. Now that approx. 1,500m³ of excavated soil has been removed (to backfill the excavation pit at the Hamm headquarters), an approx. 1,400 square metre production and storage hall is being built at the Schwerte site.

This increases the total hall area at the Schwerte site to just over 6,000 square metres. The new factory hall is expected to be ready for use in October 2023. Energy aspects have also already been taken into account in this project. The hall statics/roof construction were chosen in such a way that nothing would stand in the way of installing a photovoltaic system in the future. This could then partially supply an additional bright steel drawing line with CO2-neutral energy. This new drawing line has already been approved and will open up new opportunities for the site, particularly in the area of profiles/special profiles.

After the projects have been implemented and provided the bright steel market remains stable, capacity is expected to increase by approx. 700-800 tonnes per month in 3-shift operation.

Another positive aspect is that WDI Blankstahl Schwerte will create around 4-5 new jobs in the region as a result of this overall project.

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