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Arctron - Solid wire electrode with clean surface

The new non-copper-clad filler rods have excellent wire feed properties, also with very long

hose packages and high wire advance speeds.

The excellent current transition in the

contact nozzle is achieved with these clean wire electrodes by wetting the surface by means

of a special additive (takes over the function of the very-thin copper layer).

This additionally provides for sufficient corrosion protection, also in case of storage over

longer periods.
The performance capability of this surface finish becomes clear particularly

in case of mechanised welding and with the use of robots. The amount of weld spatter is less with this wire than in case of comparable copper-clad wires.
Savings are therefore made in the reduction of auxiliary, plastering and post-treatment times, which lower the specific welding costs.

A further positive effect is the reduction of copper parts in the welding fumes and acid-free

wire production i.e. more compatible with environment.


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